Easy Swaps for a Healthier Home


Here’s a checklist of easy swaps and choices you can make to ensure your home is a little healthier. Hopefully, you’ve heard some of these ideas before, as they are common recommendations in the healthy lifestyle circles. There are so many environmental toxins that we cannot control. Make the choice to control the ones you can. These are small changes that can have a big impact! I love to keep this on hand as a reminder to myself, as well!

Easy Swaps for a Healthier Home
  • Stop using non-stick cookware. Cast-iron skillets and stainless steel are your best bets. If you can’t live without non-stick, switch to GreenPan. I make eggs in a stainless steel saute pan. The easier clean up isn’t worth the risk.
  • Do not store your food in plastic containers. Invest in glass storage. If the tops are plastic, make sure they are at least BPA free.
  • Try to make yourself buy the veggies in the produce section that is not pre-packaged in plastic. (I know, this is a hard one! In our convenience-driven world, I still sometimes grab them in plastic, but I am trying to be better. Like I mentioned, this list is for me, too!).
  • Download the EWG’s Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen lists for shopping produce and avoiding the heaviest loads of pesticides. It is super helpful to know where to spend the extra money on organic, and when it’s okay to buy conventional.
  • Switch to stainless steel or glass water bottles. (Another struggle in my house with sports bottles – but we are working on it).
  • Filter your water!
  • Choose safer personal care products, starting with face and body lotions, which sit on and sink into your skin.
  • Take off your shoes at the door. Your shoes bring in so much dirt and toxins!
  • Start using stainless steel straws! This is for you and the environment. If you really think about how many straws are thrown away everyday, it’s pretty disturbing. We finally picked up some of these, and they just make so much sense. It’s a super easy swap. Put them in a storage bag in the console of your car, and you will have them with you on the go!

Truly, if you were to implement just these changes over the next few weeks, you will make a big impact in your personal environment. This is a piece of the puzzle in reducing our environmental toxin load that we can control!

Do you already do any of these? Most of them? Do you have any other favorites that you want to share? I’d love to hear what your best cleaner lifestyle swap has been for you!

Cheers to a trying some healthier lifestyle choices so that you can live in all of your Abundant Beauty!